What The Frick?

QZAP Frick-starter

$1,130 by August 1
$2,260 by November 1

Why those random numbers, you ask? Because on November 3, 2013, QZAP will be 10 years old! In that time we've been going strong and while our financial needs are modest, most of our expenditures are out-of-pocket from the collective members. This project started as a labor of love, and it certainly remains that. If you find QZAP useful, consider contributing a little back to help us thrive.

What your donations help QZAP achieve:

1) Operating expenses for QZAP HQ. The physical collection has moved into its own space and we need a bit every month to cover utilities and maintenance. We estimate those expenses to be about $100/mo. With this move we are able to host researchers and visitors, put on small workshops, and expand our collection.

2) Archiving! We're on the cusp of launching a new digital archive , completely revamping the current web site and making it much more amazing. The new site has much improved search, faceted browsing, and allows us to create digital exhibits, so we'll be able to highlight and present queer zines in totally different ways.

3) Office supplies. We've grown from our initial collection of about 300 queer zines to upwards of 1200, with more coming in all the time. We need to get more hanging files to house them all, and also need the various and sundry tools of the craft (staples, pencils, and glue sticks).

4) Propaganda. We want to put out more issues of QZAP:meta and print more regularly new batches of postcards, t-shirts, and buttons. Over the years we've seen great pictures of our "Zinesters Do It On The Photocopier" stickers at zine libraries around the world. We want to make more like that.

How will this work? Instead of using a third-party system like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, we have decided to DIY the shit out of this fundraiser. To encourage your support, you can make a donation in different ways and we will offer premiums to give away. If we meet our goals we win, but if we miss we're still going to be able to get stuff done and you'll be supporting QZAP no matter what.

Donation Range Premium
$2-5 One of our cool QZAP buttons
$5-10 3 of our cool buttons
$10-25 All of our buttons and copies of zines made by collective members
$25-35 One of our "Read Queer Zines" t-shirts
$35-45 One of our t-shirts, the buttons, and a zine
$50-75 2 t-shirts (one for a friend, yo!), the buttons, and zines
$100 Same as above, plus something special (a numbered print, maybe?)
$500-1000 We'll travel to you (within the US and Canada) and put on an event,
lead a workshop, make you dinner, and cat-sit if necessary.

Want to make a donation? Here's how:

  • Well-concealed cash.
  • How about a gift card? If you want to help us with specific endeavors, you might send us a prepaid card for Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Utrecht, or Digicopy. For general purchases, a "non-reloadable prepaid" credit card (such as a Visa Gift Card) allows us to make on-line or in person purchases of needed supplies and materials.
  • PayPal – PP takes a little bite out of every transaction, but it works well and is secure. Use the link below.
  • In-Kind Donation: In lieu of cash, do you have anything you'd like to give or donate outright to QZAP? Ask us if it's on our list of needs.

Via Mail:
QZAP Frickstarter 2
2935 N. Fratney St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212


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