New Booty Shakin’

A major way we get the word out about the Project and do a little micro-fundraising is through the sale of merch.  Just like all those other cool bands and projects, it’s the merch sales that help us to keep QZAP going financially.  For 2017 we’ve got a couple of new designs, and have made more of some of our classics.  We’re hoping to print some “Read. Write. Resist!” shirts in the near future, but for now grab some of our cutie 1″ buttons, or a copy of our latest research zine over in our swag shop.



MoFemmeBer 2016

Mofemmeber Logo REVERSED

It’s time for our 2nd MoFemmeBer Zine Read-a-Thon fundraiser!!!  What is MoFemmeBer, you ask? It’s an excuse to read a bunch of queer zines during the months of November and December, and to win fun prizes all while helping to support us so that we can continue the work that we do.

Want to participate?  It’s really easy.  Just follow the steps:

  1. First, you sign up here.

  2. Next, print up this handy form.

  3. Third, ask your friends and family to make a pledge to sponsor you for each queer zine you read during the months of November and December.

  4. Keep track of all the queer zines you read, again using the handy form, and also by entering them here. If you give us permission, we’ll be blogging about the zines folks are reading over on our Tumblr.

  5. At the end of December, tally up all the numbers, and collect the donations from your sponsors, and send it all to us, along with your handy form.

    We will send you your prize(s), depending on how many zines you read!

Further details are on the FAQ.

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