Want to intern with QZAP?

We offer rotating internships. Often they are tied to an academic calendar, but don’t have to be.
QZAP will work with most institutions to provide academic credit where applicable.

About QZAP Internships:

  • Internships are UNPAID at this time (at least, by QZAP*)
  • We will work with most institutions to provide academic credit where applicable
  • Internships are local to Milwaukee, WI, where QZAP is located
  • Internship labor comprises a mix of in-person and remote work, but the in-person part is pretty important
  • Internships are open to late high school (11th and 12th grade), undergraduate and graduate students, and folks pursuing non-traditional or informal educational experiences

Areas of Academic Interest:

Applicants should have an interest or skills in one or more of the following areas of research:

  • Zines
  • Print art/printmaking
  • Publication design
  • Library and information sciences
  • Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Queer/LGBTQ+ Studies
  • English/Creative Writing

Skills Sought

Potential interns should:

  • posses good organizational skills and fine attention to detail
  • be able to work unsupervised at times
  • and be able to devote 5-10 hours per week to the project for the duration of the internship

Intern Duties and Responsibilities:

    As an intern, you will work with a combination of computer hardware and software to scan zines from the collection and upload them to the digital archive. Software and interfaces that the intern will learn how to use: Scanner software, Photoshop, Acrobat, Symphytum DB and Collective Access, among others.
    The intern will do research on zines, zine events, distros (distributors), and related information about DIY (do-it-yourself) publishing. You will be spending a good deal of time reading and writing synopses, and key-wording existing and incoming zines, while paying close attention to detail. This research will aid in the search functionality and assist in the maintenance of QZAP. The intern will be trained on the use of the QZAP system with a specific focus on current technologies including Collective Access. You will also be asked to write several short blog posts – Usually 3-7 paragraphs – about the zines that you work with from the collection.
    Additionally, this internship requires you to create two of your own zines. The first will be a mini-zine of 8 pages. The second can be somewhere between 16 to 40 pages, and the content will be entirely your own. The QZAP collective members will assist you in your zine production by acting as editors, proof readers, and funding the production. Because of the contacts and resources you will access through this internship you will be able to find an audience for your zine through distributors, bookstores, zine libraries and collections nationally and internationally.

Application Process:

To apply, send cover letter detailing your interest and experience in the related fields plus a non-academic writing sample of between 250-1000 words as either a plain text (.txt) or LibreOffice/OpenOffice document (.odf) to

A PDF version of this page is available here.


* Even though we are unable to offer paid internships at this time, we encourage applicants to seek other funding through their institution whenever possible.


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