Lest We Forget…

There was a time when gays and lesbians stood up to opression for themselves and others.  When their only goal wasn't to be assimilated into a patriarchal capitalist system that allows them to pass instead of creating real change.  Out Of The Closets and Into The Libraries encapsulates histories of queer social movements where we fought back, not only for queer rights, but for society as a whole.  Note: the zine in the archive is presented as flats, so please feel free to download the PDF and make copies for your friends, family, and church youth group.

Know Womyn’s Land

In light of the fact that the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival organizers have announced that this will be the last year that the fest is held, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight U.S. Kweer Corps #10, where Hank urges us to look forward, and to make our own inclusive and critical festivals and spaces.

Paris Was Burning

At one time Paris Is Burning was the hottest film around.  A document to ballroom culture, POC communities, drag and community building, and of course Vouging.  At around the same time that came out, so too did P-Form #23.  In fact, this hot zine has a review of the film from when it was first in theaters.  It's also got other reviews, stories, interviews and articles to entertain and educate. 

Switch Hitters Unite!

20 year-old queer zine declares "I'm A Winner!"

Seriously, though, Cupsize #3 has something for everyone.  Bisexuality.  Music Reviews.  Zine reviews.  Odds and ends that exemplify what it was to be a uni student in the mid-1990s.  Heck, it's even got a Mad Lib!

…in the beginning

After disco and Hi-NRG almost killed us and when "Wimmin's Music" didn't speak to us and before there was riot grrrl queer punk kids listened to a short-lived genre called homocore.  Which then got changed to queercore for obvious reasons.  And one of the places that homocore was birthed was in Toronto.  For those who are so inclined, it stands to reason that a publication about such an awesome movement in queer/musical zirstory might be titled Homocore Toronto.  And so it was.

Neon Angels on the Road To Ruin

"Highways hard in this modern world | Battered boys and shattered girls"
Not Your Bitch #5 is riot grrrl raucous, smart and angry, and that perfect-for-right-now feminist slice of 1995.  With reviews of zines by Nomy Lamm, an Ani DiFranco album, and stories of graffiti-ing bathroom stalls with menstruel blood, what mor coud you ask for?

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