Unsafe Zone Training

As we quietly slide into September we begin to think about what are, for North Americans, annual end of summer rituals and events.  In the U.S. we get a day off from work to honor workers.  We get ready to pack up our children, our siblings, and ourselves and head back to school, where ever that may be.  In these postmodern times there may be a GSA (gay/straight alliance) in middle and high schools to support LGBTQ+ students.  At the Uni there may be an LGBT Resource Center, there may be a Women’s and Gender Studies program, and a way for queer students to socialize and learn without fear of violence interrupting their studies.  Many uni’s across the country have even taken on a Safe Zone training series to help faculty and staff who might not be queer themselves help students.  But what if the very institution hates you and wants to inflict violence on you for being queer?  Who do you turn to?  How do you survive?  Several years ago a group of anonymous students at Harding University put out a zine telling their stories about being queer at an ultra-conservative Christian university.  The State of the Gay at Harding University is an act of bravery in and of itself, and we’re lucky and proud to have such a courageous document in the archive at QZAP.

Angst In Our Pants

SO, it’s not totally fair to say that Busy Bea’s Bush #3 is all teen angst.  There’s a little bit of that, but really it’s just a great zine of it’s time.  Nicole captures 1993 perfectly with rainbow taped backpacks and freedom rings acting as a hanky code for another queer girl in her school.  She writes about getting to meet G.B. Jones, has a current play list of stuff she’s listening to, participaing in Pittsburgh’s Riot Grrrl chapter, and getting a painful tattoo.

Hell Yeah!!!

Hell Yeah!!!  Hell Yeah for weekends, Hell Yeah for zines, and double Hell Yeah for consent-based porn zines!!!!  The creator calls it porn.  Maybe it’s more erotica? There’s some gender fucking.  There’s some masturbation.  There’s some hand-holding.    Either way, this Hell Yeah makes for some delightful reading with ones hands on ones sexy bits on this warm afternoon.


H is for Hackers with
E is for Experience
L is for Love us
P is for Please!!!

Hi friends and fans,
We're reaching out to ask for help because we're growing in ways that exceed our current expertise. We are seeking an extraordinary person to join our collective zine archiving project as a volunteer codemonkey/hacker/webdork programmer to help us fix and maintain our website at archive.qzap.org.

The Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) is a labor of love, freely organized as a collective of volunteers in its eleventh year of existence. As unpaid staff ourselves who are recognized by peers and our audiences for our vital queer zine preservation efforts, we know it is important to acknowledge and value all the work that goes into making QZAP an innovative leader in digital and community archives, especially on the tech side.  We currently do not have a collective member with the skills to grow our website to meet the demands from our users. Maybe you have the skills, or you know someone who does, who has the time to make a commitment to help us in the months and years to come?

Here are the skills we're looking for:

  • Know your way around a LAMP instance
  • Strong in PHP
  • Top notch CSS styling guru
  • Have worked with digital cataloging systems. We use Collective Access (CA)
  • Are familiar with DublinCore (or better yet xZINECOREx)
  • Have clear and open communication skills (written, verbal, hankie code)
  • Can write documentation to beat The Boys in the Band

Additionally important:

  • You like and understand zines or have a curiosity about DIY print publishing
  • You like queer culture and history or are open to learning about it
  • You work well with "little-A anarchist" collective (dis)organizing

We have a short list of projects that need attention and are beyond our ken at this time including making our CA instance mobile friendly, fixing the clicky-ness of our metadata, adding SOLR indexing and search to our CA instance, and more.

This is an unpaid volunteer position with potential to gain world-wide recognition in providing a unique service in the field of digital archiving and zine cataloging.  If you or someone you know are able to assist us, please get in touch.

Many Thanks,
The QZAP Crew

Classy Lassies

Every once in a while we feel the need to shake off our regular lives and move in different circles.  Sometimes it's challenging to even contemplate how to do it, though.  When that's the case, finding a guide can be very helpful.  Several years ago just such a guide was sent to us, and and we here at QZAP find it invaluable.  So it is with great pleasure that we present The SPPSSM Guide To Proper Saphic Styling by Beatrice Llewllyn and Phyllis Troubridge. Mses. Llewllyn and Troubridge are founding members of SPPSSM, the Society for the Preservation and Promotion of Sapphic Social Mores.  Their sound advice has graced many a Femme Show performance, and has been an enhancement to the lives of numerous saphists over the years.


One of the ways of making harm reduction work better is to make sure that it's culturally appropriate.  A great example of this can be seen in AquaNet Zine, by AQUA.  It's explicitly by and for Asian and Pacific Islander (A/PI) youth, though some of the letters and other material will resonate across cultures.  It's also delightfully 1997 in terms of asthetics and content.

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